Message from Pro Vice Chancellor

img01From the Desk of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor

Patanjali aims at instilling ancient wisdom and modern knowledge for producing citizens of moral character through a system known as training of Jyan and Vijyan-The Jyan (education to build), i.e. building the character; and Vijyan (education to pay), i.e. professional competence. For achieving this excellence the University of Patanjali (UOP) has expanded its horizons towards various walks of life where .

Moving with times, without compromising our Vedic values and traditions of high excellence, we have decided to provide ample opportunities to our students for their exposure at National and International levels.

The students will be under perpetual guidance of His Holiness Swami Ramdev Ji and the Great Visionary Acharya Balkrishna Ji,   the internationally recognized eminent scholars of Yoga and Ayurveda. We endeavor to incorporate teaching-learning and research as integral approaches of ancient wisdom and modern Science and Technology so that we can excel academically in the diverse knowledge and wisdom spectrums across the globe. UOP has spread its wings this year and around 24 courses have been introduced, and some more are also in the formative stage.

To achieve the goal, we want our students to bear outstanding human skills,
cognitive and technical skills. The alumni of U.O.P. should be bubbling with confidence and should have other skills as narrated by the great educationist Harvard Gardner: must be People smart, Self-smart, Word smart, Nature smart, Number smart, Music smart, Body smart and Picture smart to reach the summit of success in their lives.

Swami ji & Acharya Ji have great thrust for knowledge and wisdom and therefore, they expect U.O.P. students to imbibe the thrust which will enable them to flourish in research. U.O.P. is a University with a difference which provides opportunities to its students to get the best of East and West. The Indian Universities like Nalanda, Takshshila and Vikramshila have been the Universities of global repute. We, at Patanjali, aim towards excellence, as excellence has no limits.

            इस पथ का उद्देश्य नहीं है, शान्त भुवन में टिक रहना।

            किन्तु पहुंचना उस सीमा तक, जिसके आगे राह नहीं।।