Message from the Chancellor

Message from the Chancellor

India has had an outstanding position in Education, Literature, Music, Art and Culture from time immemoria.

 एतद्देशप्रसूतस्य सकाशादग्रजन्मनः।
स्वं स्वं चरित्रं शिक्षेरन् पृथिव्यां सर्वमानवाः।। ( मनु-2/20 )

Till eighteenth century, India had a standing position in educational, economic and social fields. India had 18% partnership in world market and used to contribute 27% towards total global income. Literacy rate was 27% whereas 7,32,000 primary and secondary Gurukuls were actively educating as substantiated by German scholar-Max Muller, English scholar- W. Litner and documents of recent British government. There were more than fourteen thousand higher educational centers imparting education on at least 18 different subjects-Mathematics, Astronomy, Astrology, Cosmology, Physics, Geology, Metallurgy, Philosophy, Surgery, Medical science and Technology, Management etc.

Outside political forces enslaved India for centuries and deeply affected its glorious and prosperous knowledge tradition. Presently, we have 450 universities, 15 thousand colleges and 13 lakh primary and secondary schools in India. India has internationally renowned educational institutions imparting education on Science & Technology and Management but they are unable to produce cultured, socially empathetic and self-managed youths.

We wish to incorporate Yoga, Life Management Skills, Divine Culture, Vedic Rituals, History and other streams of indigenous knowledge as an inseparable part of teaching-learning Process. We hope to establish indigenous educational system and mould youth as role model and successful persons by instilling in them universal values and awakening their dignity and divinity.

University of Patanjali serves as an ideal Gurukul of the Vedic Tradition and is firmly determined to develop professionally competent, self managed and socially empathetic young scholars.