Message from the Vice Chancellor

Untitled-2 From Vice-Chancellor’s Pen

Subsequent devaluation of wisdom and psychic impressions in civilized society is not a good signal. So we long to propagate educational revolution by advancing fusion of knowledge, wisdom and psychic refinement. We hope to inculcate self-reliance, self management and immense patriotism among youth who will be able to initiate, innovative social and educational revolutions for national upliftment. We wish to propagate indigenous health entrepreneurship to get our nation freed from atrocity in the name of treatment, thereby promoting total health care of our citizens.

Perennial indigenous therapy systems based on Yoga and Ayurved is cost-effective, easy, accessible, scientific, holistic and free from side-effects. So we wish to mainstream Yoga and Ayurved under national therapy system by producing eminent scholars at University of Patanjali (U.O.P.). U.O.P. aims at creating new era by triggering revolution in the domains of Health and Education. We hope to produce graduates who will be competent enough to reduce existing unemployment, famine, and will be health change agents. They will work towards eradicating problems by promoting indigenous entrepreneurship and employment opportunities. They will work as change-agents and contribute significantly to make India healthy, civilized and a global center of peace and harmony.

Our Vedic tradition is an eternal treasure for both tangible and nontangible aspects of knowledge. We are firmly resolved to establish UOP as a leading educational institution of the world for imparting quality education on Yoga, Ayurved, Divine Culture, Natural and Applied Sciences, Value Based Management, Social Sciences and allied knowledge streams as per contemporary need. Launching of novel curriculum developed by integrating Yoga, Ayurved, Nature Cure and other indigenous therapeutic techniques and its standardization at UOP will be the greatest boon for holistic health management and job placement.

I wish our learners and scholars a bright and holistic future.