Distinctive Features

  1. UOP is located at entrance of Divine Himalayas (origin of human civilization) -Haridwar; that is spiritually vibrant,naturally serene and peaceful.Its holy ambience is in itself educator for learners’holistic development.
  2. The University is well equipped for teaching, learning and advanced research on Yoga and Ayurved. Nonetheless, regular yoga practice, and good habit cultivation are inseparable parts of teaching-learning. It’s aimed at fusion of knowledge and wisdom.
  3. Special provision of Sanskrit and Communicative English teaching among students to better their comprehension on ancient Ayurvedic texts
  4. Eminent faculties bearing sound professional, personal and human qualities and immense indigenous love.
  5. Indiscriminative teaching -learning for all irrespective to caste, gender, creeds, state and race.
  6. Ancient Gurukul like pious relationship among students and teachers.
  7. Special privilege for students to make practical exposure of learned behaviors in PYP service centers. Besides, students can organize service oriented activities like rural sanitation, horticulture promotion, and health care management in the areas nearby UOP.
  8. Provision of balanced and hygienic seasonal diet (vegetarian diet) for the University members as prescribed by Ayurved. Seasonal fruits and special feasts are also served as per different festivals of divine culture.
  9. Separate and sound Hostels for both male and female students as per their educational standard.
  10. Regular Yoga practice is mandatory for all students to maintain optimal health.
  11. Free medical facility for students at Patanjali Ayurved Hospital if required.
  12. Updated and attractive library accommodating more than 15, 900 ancient scriptures and modern texts; journals, periodicals, newspapers and broad band connection.
  13. Special cultural and patriotic celebrations such as Dipawali, Holy, Makrsakraanti, Rakshabandhan, Independence Day and Republic day etc.
  14. Teaching on practical aspects of Vedic rituals.
  15. Scholarship for talented students who come from poor family and remote areas.
  16. Facilitation of special sessions by eminent mentors to inculcate Sanskrit and English communication skills among students.
  17. Inclusion of Educational tour of different places and institutions having religious, cultural, historical and educational importance as an inseparable part of teaching-learning.
  18. Frequent guest classes for students by eminent scholars of different knowledge on direct guidance of Revered Yog Rishi Swami Ramdev Ji.
  19. Grocery is located at University Campus to ease shopping goods of daily use.
  20. Computer Center with e- learning.
  21. Play grounds (indoor and outdoor).
  22. Optimal provision for alumni Placement.