India has always been the global centre for learning since ancient times. Our great sages medidated for years and preached the Science of Yoga in the Himalayas. Indian higher education institutions like Nalanda, Takshila, Odantapuri, Vikramshila, etc. are well known education hubs in the world history where thousands of students from all over the world came to study subjects like Astronomy, Algebra, Mathematics, Logic, Rhetoric, Grammar, Physics, Medicine and Vedas, etc.

The National Education Policy 2020 has laid emphasis on expanding the global outreach of the Indian higher education. In this regard, with the notion of Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam, an office for International Affairs is established in the University of Patanjali as per the guidelines of UGC vide D.O.NO. l 52-8/2020 (IC) dated 13 January 2021.

With the blessings of Yog guru HH Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj and Ayurveda Manishi Shradhey Acharya Balkrishna Ji, the University of Patanjali strives to be a global study destination having intensive academic and research collaborations with foreign Higher Education Institutions. Establishment of an Office for International Affairs in the University is an integral part of internationalisation of higher education in India.

This office is responsible for undertaking various activities such as:

  1. To coordinate all matters relating to welcoming and supporting foreign students
  2. To disseminate information related to admission process among prospective foreign students
  3. To engage in promotional activities and brand building campaign abroad
  4. Single point contact for carrying out all collaborative activities with foreign institutions
  5. Act as a liaison body between the foreign students and the sponsoring agency
  6. To address the grievances of foreign students in all matters
  7. Single point contact for registration with FRRO /e-FRRO
  8. To facilitate networking with fellow students
  9. To extend all possible help to the foreign students to adapt to the new cultural environment and make their stay in India comfortable and enriching
  10. To organise inter-cultural programmes, Academic and Research seminars, conferences, workshops, symposium and other such activities that the university may think suitable
  11. To conduct orientation and facilitation programs for foreign students
  12. To collaborate with foreign Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) and other organisations to promote education and research activities
  13. To collaborate with eminent yoga institutions and organisations all over the world to promote yoga and its practices.
  14. To organise sports events and extra-curricular activities exclusively for foreign students
  15. To Conduct and promote research activities and yoga in foreign countries
  16. To work as a single point solution window to assist foreign students
  17. To impart training to the students of the University of Patanjali for International opportunities
  18. To provide opportunities to student /research scholars of UoP to participate in International conferences and seminars
  19. To facilitate various opportunities for the students of the University of Patanjali to study for short term courses at International Partner Universities
  20. To facilitate international opportunities for the students of the University of Patanjali to teach yoga/work as yoga instructor in partner countries like SAARC

Office for International Affairs: 

The University has a full-fledged Office for International Affairs to assist foreign students headed by global scientist & research advisor Prof. Paran Gowda. He is the Secretary, Office for International Affairs. The office acts as the nodal agency and assist the International Students’ Community, in acquiring information about the registration, courses, tuition fee structure, eligibility, visa requirements, accommodation, health insurance and their overall welfare through a unique ‘single window system’. For this, a dedicated email is already in place for foreign students. Mr. Surya Prakash, Joint Secretary of the office has meritorious experience in the field of Yoga. He has been coordinator in Yoga Certification Board Training Programme and served as Secretary to Chairman in the Haryana Yog Council. There are 15 per cent supernumerary seats for foreign candidates in each University Teaching Department. Apart from offering a multi-cultural and inter-disciplinary learning environment, one of the main reasons for studying in University of Patanjali, Haridwar is the blessings that you will receive from world renowned Yog guru HH Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj and Ayurveda Manishi Shradhey Acharya Balkrishna Ji along with a favourable environment for education under guidance of Ved-gyata Prof. Mahavir Agarwal.


Secretary:-  Prof. Paran Gowda

Joint Secretary:- Mr. Surya Prakash

Future Plan:

The University plans to enter into new research and teaching collaborations with leading international institutions of repute. It will establish Global Committees and Task Forces to initiate, monitor and assess the internationalization plans. The University shall also identify strategic regions and countries as potential partners based on its vision and mission. It will also provide comprehensive support for the enrolment of international students through advising peer support and programmes at University level.

To start with, Office for International Affairs will send a proposal to the Indian Council for Cultural Research (ICCR) Government of India, New Delhi for admission to foreign students. The office is also planning to interact with Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Education (MEA & MoE) and with different Embassies and Consulates for various purposes including getting scholarships as well as in administering MoUs with International Partners of higher education.
The Office for International Affairs coordinates its activities in close contact with the university leadership, various faculties and departments.