University of Patanjali hostels have envisaged the creation of divine consciousness among the students according to
ancient Indian Vedic Traditions and values.The motive of these guidelines is to
\the Vedic way of life in accordance to the visionary Sages, with full hope to inculcate strong leadership and discipline within our
1. University of Patanjali is established with the foundation of reestablishment of Vedic Cultural heritage. So all the residents of
the hostels are expected with full presence in Yoga classes and Yajna compulsively, otherwise they may attract in-disciplinary
action/ fine / physical punishment.
2. Food served in the mess will be vegetarian (Satvic) only and will be served as:
Breakfast : 08:00AM to 09:00AM
Lunch : 01:00PM to 02:00PM
Dinner : 07:30PM to 08:30PM
Cooking, keeping or consuming Non-Vegetarian (Tamasik) food is strictly prohibited in campus as well as in the hostel.
3. Food will not be allowed outside the mess and any market food into the mess or in the hostel is strictly restricted.
4. Residents are not allowed to stay in the hostel during academic sessions without any pre-permission.
5. Residents will not be allowed to stay out from the hostel building from 10:00pm to 4:00 am.
6. Residents of the hostel are not allowed to move out or leave the campus without permission of the warden.
7. Use of any kind of intoxicants (betel, tobacco, beedi, cigarette, hookah, bear, alcohol,etc.) are strictly prohibited in the
university campus as well as the hostel campus.
8. Residents are neither allowed to change their room nor exchange their rooms among others without anyauthorized
permission in written.
9. Residents should not ruin the furniture, doors and walls of the hostel by pasting pictures, invalid slogans, paintings etc.
10. Only bicycle is allowed as vehicle in the campus, which should be parked in specified area only.
11. Family members, friends, relatives are not allowed in the hostel.
12. Furnitures, table, bed etc, given by the university administration should not be degraded, scribbled, removed by the students.
13. Residents have to keep cleanliness, hygiene and systematic rooms as well as campus.
14. Residents have to hang their wet clothes in the specified area and should not spread them in any public places, tables or doors.
15. Allotted roomhas to be kept safe. Otherwise it will be reissued with a fine of Rs 500 by the resident. No one is allowed to keep
any duplicate keys.
16. Damage of any kind of property of the campus or the hostel has to be compensated from the penalty imposed on the resident
concerned. If the identity of the convicted student will be concealed by the other residents, then they shall be charged with the
original cost of the damaged property as fine.
17. Student should not misuse water and power. Be sure to lock windows, doors and switch off lights before leaving the room.
18. Electrical devices like heaters, room heaters, music players, etc are totally prohibited in the hostel rooms.
19. Rooms can be enquired and checked by the authorities at anytime and the residents are expected to cooperate.
20. Valuable jewellery, cash and expensive stuff are not allowed in hostel. Resident himself will be held responsible in case of any
21. Resident’s luggage and identity cards may be checked by the security if found necessary.
22. All the residents have to abide by the directions from the Warden. Residents have to ensure presence in the meetings
conducted by the hostel wardens.
23. It is mandatory for the residents to inform and provide the copy of University Rules to their parents.In case of any call by the
hostel office, parents should visit the hostel warden within specified time period.
24. In case of any health related symptoms or illness it is mandatory to report the hostel warden or office. It is also expected that
residents should be caring towards each other in such situations.
25. Any kind of Get-together, parties, loud communication, playing music, making noise is strictly prohibited.
26. Residents have to cooperate to create a satvik and yogic atmosphere throughout the day. Silence to be strictly maintained after
night prayer till the morning Yajna.
27. Use of mobile phones are restricted especially in Classrooms, Yajna, Seminars, Official meetings/gatherings etc. If found
using mobile phone beyond the given time, it will be recovered along with fine or physical punishments.
28. Students have to be in the Indian wear in the campus, western wear will not be accepted, female have to be in salwar kurta/
saree, and male have to be in kurta pajama/ dhoti kurta.
29. During yoga or sports students have to be in the given track suit and t-shirts only, dhoti kurta for male and salwar kurta for
female in special occasions, festivals, programmes and yajna will only be considered.
30. According to our Vedic culture male students have to wear Yagyopaveet and keepShikha on the head as a religious symbol and
should encourage others also for the same.