Rules & Regulations


OM-The supreme soul has set various rules and decoroum to sustain the cosmos. These are known as “Rit Niyam” in Vedas. Vedas teach us to live moderate and disciplined life for physical, spiritual, social and economic advancements. Discipline is important for Nation’s progress. Discipline induces creativity, hence it is mandatory to follow the given rules and regulations of the University by all enrolled students within and outside the University premises.

1. 75% attendance is mandatory in every subject offered in each semester. As every student is required to attend at least 75% of the lectures scheduled and practicals conducted, separately in each course, from the start of the classes of a semester, for being eligible to appear in the final examination of that semester such students will not be permitted to take examination of the subject in the semester.
2. Ragging is banned in University. The University has adopted the UGC Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009. If any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the University Authorities, action will be taken as per the rules.
3. The students residing in University hostels shall not be permitted to keep and use motorized vehicles in the campus. An Undertaking will be obtained in Annexure- __ in this regard.
4. All students are expected to behave respectfully with teaching as well as non-teaching staff. Remember that one should not ill treat and torture anyone by one’s vulgar language, speech and behavior. Address by words like ‘Tu’, ‘Tere ko’, ‘Mere ko’, ‘Abe’, ‘Tbe’ etc. is uncalled for. None should be of indulged in unwanted, uncultured and uncalled for acts. Any physical assault within and outside the campuses of University of Patanjali and
related institutions is unforgivable offence and liable for punishment.
5. Male and female students need to sit separately in classrooms, meetings and other programs. At the end of classes or programs, male students are expected to allow female students to come out first without creating random barriers and gathering on the gate and elsewhere. Moving around of male & female students together or
sitting in a group and cutting vulgar funs anywhere in the University Campus shall be treated unmannered and liable to disciplinary action.
6. It is a punishable offence to comment, discriminate and debate anyone in terms of cast, region, language, pedigree, physical structure, complexion and dress codes etc.
7. Students have to follow due etiquettes and speak culturally accepted words (Ji, Aap etc.) during conversations among peers and seniors. They should never underestimate and criticize seniors’ talks/advices.
8. Planning/creating any sort of disturbance in studies, conflicts, disharmony, mistrusts, aggression, deviation from the study, persuasion for strikes etc. will be punishable. Such activities are strictly prohibited.
9. It is compulsory for the students of all the programmes of UoP to reside in the hostels. These rules and regulations of the respective hostels are to be followed by all the residents.
10. Dressing up in prescribed dress codes and possession of identity card while in the University Campus is compulsory otherwise will be liable for disciplinary action.
11. Students while living a life of simplicity will follow the modesty, accepted hair styles and use of simple cosmetics only. Use of ultra modern beauty products is forbidden.
12. Disciplinary action will be taken against any type of dishonesty and mess in teaching and examination related activities.
13. Students engaged in damage to the property of University or its member/s and unauthorized use/misuse of University assets will be liable for punishment.
14. Students have to ensure their 100% presence in institutional festivals; teaching and other programs like campaigns for cleanliness, awareness among voters, plantation, blood donation and NSS programs organized by the University as per instructions from (i) Hon’ble Pro Vice Chancellor/ (ii) Hon’ble Vice Chancellor/ (iii)
Hon’ble Chancellor.
15. Even in urgent cases, students’ leave will not stand sanctioned without permission of the authorized officers. No leave will be granted during teaching days. Timely presence of the students after end of the vacation is mandatory.
16. All students of the University are expected to purchase and use indigenous consumer products. Students should contribute to Hon’ble Prime Minister’s “Aatm Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan”- a grand success by purchasing “Swadeshi Products”. Preferably the students should use Patanjali FMCG products during their stay at the University.
17. Students to participate enthusiastically in games, yoga, singing (vocal and instrumental), research, Shastra smaran, literary writing etc. Off and on they will be honored.
1. Students are advised to cultivate the regular habit of watching notice boards affixed in the University Campus/Hostels to get intermittent updates.
2. Any type of indiscipline will lead to punishment as fine, ‘Shramdand’, suspension and rustication etc.
3. Students’ parents/guardians must attend parent meeting once in a year to be informed about their ward’s
behavioral, curricular and extracurricular progresses.